TikTok’s Tinx Says She’s “Horrified” Over 2020 Tweets Amid Controversy – MajorUpdates

Tinx has extra tweets to handle.

The TikTok star, born Christina Najjar, has responded to followers’ questions relating to tweets from 2020 that she favored or interacted with. The tweets collected beneath the Reddit thread r/tinxsnark had been reported by Sophie Ross on April 22 and confirmed Tinx retweeting and liking tweets about Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and COVID-19.

“In 2020 I was in the same scared and wildly disruptive place we all were,” Tinx wrote on Instagram Stories. “I was confused, frustrated, depressed and anxious scrolling the internet, looking for any type of reprieve or explanation, anything that would for a split second take any of those emotions away. it isn’t a satisfying answer to say “I wasn’t pondering clearly” when I liked those tweets, but it is the truth.”

The political tweets she interacted with on the time tended to criticize Democrats and reward Donald Trump. One of her retweets mentioned, “Democrats simply internalize what cultural totems like the NYT, lobbyists or economists tell them. So they are easily intimidated and fooled.” In 2020, Tinx continued the pattern of liking tweets that praised the actions of politicians like Donald Trump.


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